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Smartlife solution for Skype/Zoom

Jul 13, 2020

The start of covid19 resulted in a lockdown, which in turn caused a sudden spike in demand on Skype/Zoom related hardware which in turn depleted the local stock of these items much quicker than normal. After the first week of lockdown the ETA for new stock to enter the country kept on moving on and therefore users started seeking other solutions and this led to the discovery of the power of the 10.1″ Mecer Android Tablet. The tablet allow the user to work smarter and is a great help in getting things done more easily while also offer a portable Skype/Zoom solution. The Mecer Android tablet is a Linux-based operating system that Google offers as open source under the Apache license that’s primarily designed for mobile devices. Security protections are built into every layer of the tablet so that the device stays safe, fast, and performs at its best. Making the tablet ideal for use during presentations, watching movies, gaming, skype and zoom, while the display adjusts orientation automatically.  Refer to rest of the product advert here…


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