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VoLTE Cloud Hosted PBX?

May 4, 2022

Consider using Voice over LTE as your Cloud PBX backbone?

Then NoPBX’s Cloud Hosted GSM PBX is the way to go. All the important nuts and bolts are in the cloud, managed and secured by NoPBX. All you will need to provide is your preferred handset for each user.

There are three options for this:
(1) Android Mobile Phones
(2) iOS Mobile Phones
(3) NoPBX VoLTE Desktop PBX Phone

If you’re considering to opt for some or all of your NoPBX extensions to be physical desktop phones for example your Reception or Boardroom then the GSM phone with Android operating system will be required and it comes pre-loaded with the NoPBX phone client. All you need to do is unpack, switch the phone on and start using your extension off your Cloud Hosted PBX.

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