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Load shedding affecting your internet connectitity?

Sep 5, 2020

If your internet leasure and work from home productivity is being affected by the loss of power to your internet related items then you need to know which need to be given attention during load shedding?

The first item from the ISP end will be the ONT/CPE device:
ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal and is also known as a CPE which is a Client Premises Equipment and this device connects the fibre box that has been installed outside of your house, to your modem. The device is usually a white plastic box that will be placed on a wall inside the premises and may vary in size and colour depending on the provider doing the installation.

Is there any pros and conns on where should the ONT/CPE device be installed?
Yes, it’s important to consider where the best location is for your ONT/CPE to be placed inside before a technician arrives to install. The reason for this is important because if you wish to move it at a later stage this may incur additional charges. The ONT/CPE will take up a small space against a wall and you will need to consider how you want to connect devices in your home such as your wifi/fibre router that will need to plug directly into your ONT/CPE.

Ideally it should be:
* Placed near an accessible power, telephone or network point.
* Somewhere you will be using the internet the most.
* Away from a busy area where it might be knocked or damaged.
* In a central location in your home for optimal use of your Wi-Fi.
* Close enough to more heavier devices such as televisions.

What if the power goes out after all that planning?
The loss of power to the above will obviously affect your internet connectivity and the resultant loss of entertainment or productivity until power is restored. To get around this issue you can introduce various basic UPS options right up to more complex hybrid solutions that can even see you bring solar power into the mix. By introducing the UPS of your choice, you can keep your Fibre/ADSL/LTE router connected for time periods of up to three or more hours whilst the power is down. This allows you to stay connected so you can continue streaming your favourite TV series, browse social media and surf the web while your neighbours sit in the dark. The set up of an uninterruptible power supply can be done in seconds and during a blackout or load shedding, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power, and your device(s) will stay ON without any interruption.

Almost any UPS will provide:
* Mulitple hours uptime
* Automatic activation
* Small/compact to larger in size
* Plug and play installation
* 24/7 Electrical backup/support

Power backup solution might not even work
As expected sometimes in a not so perfect world, you might find various options to keep your internet/fibre/wifi router and ONT/CPE powered up and running through load shedding, only to find your ISP might not have backup power on their side. This means that your internet connection may not stay up and running, despite your best effort to have a battery backed up setup in place. In some areas the ISP end goes offline immediately when loadshedding kicks in or fairly spot on after an hour’s time. This can be very frustrating but in some cases solutions to this have been found for example where a body corporate provided their own UPS to ISP’s equipment in their basement etc.

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