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Mar 11, 2022

Keep your home running with RCT Bundles created for dark times during Loadshedding.

South Africans who can afford a fully-fledged backup power system have a range of bundled options available that can keep their key appliances powered during loadshedding.

This investment will be worth the layout as Eskom is constantly faced with severe supply shortages due to breakdowns and planned maintenance of its ageing infrastructure.

Batteries, solar panels and inverters required for household loads can still be too expensive for the average household for two and a half hours of loadshedding. Sometimes one can even experience a power cut for a second or a third time in the same day which make the need for a bigger battery capacity a necessity.

Note that certain fibre providers don’t have backup power for their networks before they reach the home, so it advisable to check with your provider first before deploying backup power with this specifically in mind for your fibre router.

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