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DYNESS A48100 48VDC 4.8kWh Lithium Inverter Battery

DYNESS A48100 48VDC 4.8kWh Lithium Inverter Battery

RCT BAT DYNESS A48100 (Stock only sold to CT clients)

  • Positive electrode materials are lithium iron phosphate
  • Battery cells are managed effectively by BMS
  • Over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, abnormal temperature
  • Self-management on charging and discharging
  • Single core balancing function
  • Intelligent design configures integrated inspection module
  • Flexible configurations allow parallel of multi battery for longer standby time.
  • Self-ventilation with lower system noise
  • Less battery self-discharge, can be up to 10 months during storage
  • No memory effect so that battery can be charged and discharged shallowly
  • Less volume, lighter weight

R 24 199.00 incl. VAT on Prepaid

More Information:

The Dyness 4.8KW A48100 lithium iron phosphate battery system is a standard battery system unit, customers can choose a certain number of A48100 according to their needs, by connecting parallel to form a larger capacity battery pack, to meet the user’s long-term power supply needs. The product is especially suitable for energy storage applications with high operating temperatures, limited installation space, long power backup time and long service life. The Dyness 4.8kwh lithium battery can be wall-mounted or stackable with battery brackets. It is designed to offer the user complete independence from the National Grid.

Product Specifications:
* Voltage: 48V
* Nominal Capacity: 100Ah
* Rated Energy: 4800Wh
* Cycle Life: 6000 Cycles
* Rated Discharge Current: 30A
* Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
* Maximum Discharge Current: 120A 3S
* Rated Charging Current: 30A
* Maximum Continuous Charging Current: 100A
* Lower limit of discharge voltage: 42±0.1V

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