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Gigabyte AORUS 7 Intel 9th Gen i7 17.3″ “All Intel Inside”

Gigabyte AORUS 7 Intel 9th Gen i7 17.3″ “All Intel Inside”

AORUS 7 GTX1660TI Win10Pro (Stock only sold to existing CT clientbase)

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Clean Cut Design
  • Extremely Thin Bezel
  • RGB backlit Keyboard
  • Killer Wireless xTend
  • Killer Control Center™ 2.0
  • Killer Networking #GameFast
  • The Ultimate in Multi-Tasking
  • Every Detail Screams Extreme
  • The World’s Only “All Intel Inside”
  • 17″ Visual at the Weight of a 15″
  • Gaming and Multimedia Perfected
  • 3D Sound Immersion for the Soul
  • High Refresh Rate Gaming Display
  • 9th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7-9750H CPU
  • Top-Tier Graphics Performance Breakthrough
  • Latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB DDR6 GFX
  • 2 by 8GB (16GB) SAMSUNG DDR4 2666MHz Memory
  • Intel® 760P SSD 512GB m.2 PCIe Gen3x4 Up to 3200Mbps
  • LG® 17.3″ FHD 1920×1080 144Hz IPS Anti-Glare LCD Panel
  • 2 Year Carry In Warranty

R 27899.00 incl. VAT on Prepaid


More Information:

Had Any Brand Dare To Be Premium?
AORUS design inspired by a fighter jet’s powerful performance and easy to handle. Gain victory on the battlefield. AORUS 7 has a light and thin design without compromised quality, with components from world renowned manufactures, such as Intel 760P SSD, Samsung Dram, LG 144Hz IPS panel, Killer wireless chip, Nahimic 3 sound effect software. AORUS believes to always seek for perfection that insures maximum performance and stability even with higher cost raised!

Clean Cut Design with Extremely Thin Bezel
This Marks the first AORUS gaming laptop with a thin-bezel display design, pushing the boundary of technology by having a 17.3″ display in a portable 15″ like chassis. AORUS breaks the gaming laptop tradition by offering portability where others can’t.

17″ Visual at the Weight of a 15″
The AORUS 7 equipped with a large 17″ LG IPS 144Hz display, yet with a weight of only 2.6kg, not much heavier than a regular 15″ laptop. Take one of the most powerful laptop with you without sacrificing visual sensation and mobility.

World’s First and Only All Intel Inside
GIGABYTE leads the industry by collaborating with Intel® – the world renowned tech giant. This time round, the AORUS uses a combination of high-performance parts by Intel®, called the All Intel® Inside technology. Expect a brand new multitasking-expert 6 core Intel® CPU, durable and ultra-fast 760p SSD and Intel® based killer Wi-Fi for smarter broadband connectivity. All these high-performance parts work together seamlessly, so that you can concentrate on more important tasks at hand.

All-New NVIDIA® GeForce® GTXGraphics Top-Tier Performance Breakthrough
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics fully upgraded, with revolutionary powerful performance that brings smooth and clear visuals like never before. Be the first to experience unforgettable moments and never let underperformance take away your chance to play great games again.

LG® IPS 144Hz High Refresh Rate Gaming Display can result in Victory within a Blink of an Eye
The AORUS 7 welcomes the integration of a super-fast high refresh rate LG IPS 144Hz display. The indisputable high-quality display offers phenomenal wide-viewing angles and smooth image reproduction that takes you to victory without skipping a frame.

1+3 Displays | The Ultimate in Multi-Tasking
Super Multi-tasking is now possible with the AORUS 7. With a unique I/O layout like no other, you can now connect up to 3 external displays with HDMI, USB Type-C(support DP 1.3), and MiniDP. No time is wasted when all the information and controls are shown across 4 displays. Browse through your favorite music or have a video guide playing whilst gaming, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy every viewing experience AORUS 7, enabling unique gaming and workflow expansion.

Gaming and Multimedia Perfected with the All New 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H Processor
Experience 13% Performance Increase Compared to i7-8750H as the AORUS 7 houses the all new 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-9750H processor with 6 cores, 12 threads and an astonishing 4.5Ghz clock speed. All this translates into an exhilarating “AAA” capable gaming experience like no other, not to mention multitasking multimedia capabilities that you will defiantly appreciate.

Every Detail Screams Extreme with the SAMSUNG® Performance RAM
AORUS always remains the standard for all parts extreme. The AORUS 7 comes standard with high-quality ultra-fast DDR4-2666 SAMSUNG memory, aimed to blend in perfectly with the rest of the extreme performance and durable parts of the AORUS 7.

Up to 6TB storage with Intel® M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD
Every gamers dream is to have a large storage equipped with an ultra-fast SSD. The AORUS 7 comes with two M.2 slots and one 2.5″ HDD, with a total of up to 6TB of storage that satisfies the need to store large amounts of games and media. It does not just stop at the expansion, the AORUS 7 equips a high-quality Intel® 760p PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD with read speeds of up to 3000 MB/s. Gamers no longer need feel the drag of loading screens and get into action right away.

No More Mess of Cables with Optimized I/O Location
The AORUS 7 offers a special port design. With the HDMI, ethernet port and DC-in jack on the back, AORUS 7 makes cable management easy and leaves you with a clean setup. Move your mouse without any restriction from now on.

Killer Networking #GameFast
By prioritizing the network traffic for key websites above lower priority websites and applications, Killer allows you to have a more enjoyable and uninterrupted online entertainment experience on your AORUS laptop.

Killer Wireless xTend
Not being able to maintain a strong, constant connection to the internet is a painful problem. With the Killer Wireless xTend technology, you AORUS laptop can act as a Wi-Fi range extender to give you better wireless coverage throughout your homeEasily extend the reach of your home network by to 1,000 square feet.

Killer Control Center™ 2.0
This all-new interface gives gamers more ability to analyze, optimize, and control their laptop’s networking performance. Plus the Killer Intelligence Engine which can analyze your network and makes optimizations and recommendations to improve your overall network experience.

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