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Grandstream eCost TMS DX10 Dongle for UCM VoIP PBX Series

Grandstream eCost TMS DX10 Dongle for UCM VoIP PBX Series

GS-TMS-DX10 (Stock only sold to existing CT clientbase)

  • Find and control your monthly outgoings call expenses with a single click.
  • Seamlessly schedule your reporting on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Ensure that your billing and provider rates are accurate.
  • Monitor your extensions, departments or divisions live.
  • Highly scalable and detailed real-time reporting.
  • Extremely fast setup and easy to use.
  • Install eCost in just minutes!
  • No annual licensing fees.

R 1199.00 incl. VAT on Prepaid

More Information:

The eCost TMS DX10 USB Dongle is used to authenticate the eCost software and required as part of the overall solution.

The eCost’s Telephone Management System (TMS) is tailor made for the Grandstream UCM VoIP PBX Series and empowers the Grandstream owner to acquire more accurate and detailed voice services. Also allow for the retrieval of data from the PBX and turn it into usable and accurate data.

Once your your full system is successfully setup, then you can make a test call which you then should see your call in the LIVE Screen of the eCost TMS program.

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