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J5 Create JRC705 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client

J5 Create JRC705 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client

JRC705 (Stock only sold to CT clients)

  • Easy to deploy with simplified administration
  • Low cost, reliable solid-state hardware
  • 100x100mm Vesa wall mount kit
  • No need to install device drivers
  • VPN enabled / Subnet enabled
  • VGA + HDMI Dual outputs
  • 1920×1200 Hi- Resolution
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Hyper-V enabled
  • 1 Year Carry In Warranty

R 1269.00 incl. VAT on Prepaid


More Information:

The JRC705 are an RDP base of zero clients that permanently contain system software for booting the operating system from the network. Applications also come from the server and this is defined as an “RDP Client”. RDP clients are similar to a regular thin client, but there is no local storage or WOL (Wake On LAN). This means that these RDP clients provide a VDI/RDP server-based computing model where the end user’s computing device has no local storage. The server, which hosts the client’s OS and software applications, can be accessed via Wi-Fi or Ethernet networking. RDP Clients are used in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. The JRC705 is an efficient and secure means of delivering applications to end users making it ideal for classrooms, offices, call centers, kiosks, computer labs, and home offices as well as SMB and government. The JTC705 client’s performance and network/internet connectivity will depend on the specifications of the host server as well as network/internet stability and bandwidth.

Product Specifications:
* Connecting Interface: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Base-T Ethernet
* Mounting Kit: 100 x 100mm VESA holes on monitor
* Power LED: Blue LED which indicates power on
* Dimensions: 113.48 x 113.50 x 27.50mm
* Power Supply Input: 110V-240V AC/5V
* Power Supply Output: 3A
* I/O Ports:
– 1x VGA Port – Video Output (DB-15)
– 1x HDMI™ Port – Video and Audio Output
– 1x AUX Stereo Port for Audio Input and Output
– 1x Roll Back Firmware to Factory Button
– 1x Power On/Off Button
– 4x USB™ 2.0 Ports
– 1x Power Jack

What’s In The Box:
* VESA (Bracket) Mounting Kit
* 3A/5V AC Power Adapter
* Quick Installation Guide

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