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Samsung QB13R 13″ Full HD SMART Signage LED Display

Samsung QB13R 13″ Full HD SMART Signage LED Display

QB13R (Stock only sold to existing CT clientbase)

  • Small Signage Display
  • Display Slim & Light Signage
  • Built-in MagicInfo S6
  • SSSP 6.0
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Pivot Display
  • Clock Battery(168hrs Clock Keeping)
  • Built in Speaker(5W 1ch)
  • IP5x Rating
  • Wi-FiSW
  • Auto Source Switching & Recovery
  • LFD Home UI
  • Button Lock
  • Hot key option
  • Plug&Play (Initial Setting)
  • 1 Year Carry In Warranty

R 7199.00 incl. VAT on Prepaid


More Information:

Enhanced communication in a compact display
Samsung’s QB13R small display enables personalized and more impactful communication through its compact and versatile design. An all-in-one solution designed for professional use, the QB13R improves the operational efficiency of content, while also ensuring reliable performance for any business use.

Slim, smart design
The compact and slim design of the QB13R allows for efficient space utilization, even in compact locations. A sleek back design makes the display optimal for both wall mounting or simply standing, while the connectivity, content play and device controls are easy to operate.

Powerful content playback
With an embedded MagicINFO S player, backed by TIZEN, the QB13R allows efficient and seamless playback without any external media player. SSSP also allows easy content development through reinforced compatibility with multiple web formats.

Comprehensive security setup
The powerful Knox security system provides rigid, three-layer security, offering airtight protection at the application, platform and system level, while restricting access to content and hardware. In addition, remote control of the network and USB ports prevents any unauthorized access.

Convenient, clean display control
With center IR, each display receives IR signals direct to the panel, allowing easy and convenient remote control even with a tailored installation. When mounted, display doesn’t require an IR receiver cabling extension. Built-in Wi-Fi allows wireless remote management for both content and display.

Safe operation, reliable performance
The QB13R is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) class B compliant, meeting strict safety and reliability standards for operation. Additionally, IP5x rating ensures durable performance even in dusty environments.

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