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You actually the cause of your UPS failure?

Nov 9, 2020

Why it is necessary to service your UPS
UPS’s are protection and back-up devices for the essential equipment in your home/business environment. They are however often neglected and considered to be fine if the essential equipment that is connected to it is still operating. Failures of UPS’s can be caused by dust, component breakdown, fan failure and/or battery failure and this can lead to your essential equipment not operating during a power outage. Regular servicing will ensure the correct operation of your UPS and prevent unexpected failures, resulting in the loss of hours of uptime and/or damage to expensive sensitive equipment. Its recommended that at least two preventative maintenance checks be done per year to ensure that you are up to date with the status of your UPS. This will for example indicate if the condition of the batteries is still such that it can hold a load for an adequate period or not.

While you cannot catch every potential failure will a visual inspection, will you be able to notice any possible signs to potential problems before they happen.
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